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Welcome to FORDS 2.0

We are proud to launch our new logo and branding as part of our ongoing brand revolution which reflects who we are today and symbolises our dynamic future.


We have grown and evolved over the last century. Yes! We really are close to our 100-year celebrations (does the Queen send letters to companies turning 100?)


Since our conception, we have been providing world-leading solutions in packaging innovation; finding inventive ways to open, close and seal products. Fords then engineer and build the customised solution you need to turn ambitious visions into full speed commercial realities.  We are with you at every milestone, whether that be testing equipment for consumer trials or delivering line speeds of 1000-per-minute and beyond!


Fords thrives on developing new design possibilities that are distinctive, durable, imaginative and sustainable. We work closely with independent brands and world-renowned global players to explore the myriad of packaging possibilities whilst applying our manufacturing prowess to make even the most game-changing idea a reality.

The world
is changing
and so are we...

Our mission is to shape the future of packaging. Redefining design possibilities, opening up the consumer experiences of tomorrow and solving the packaging problems others don’t even know exist.


As the world changes, we’ll stay leaps ahead. Anticipating market trends and audience needs. Shaping products with certainty, usability, durability and sustainability at their core.


We collaborate to innovate. We’ll bring concepts to life with our commercially engineered equipment that can deliver the line speeds, production efficiencies and product seal guarantees.


Every time you package a product, there’s so much at stake: your brand’s reputation and your customers’ loyalty. We deliver absolute product integrity and peace of mind every time. Whatever the product, wherever it’s going and however it gets there, we'll deliver certainty in a fast-changing world.   

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Shaping the Future

Since 1924